The Guild of Human Resource Professionals is a newly formed Guild with the purpose of bringing together individuals from the profession to support and promote activities within Human Capital Management and to contribute to the City and the wider community.

The HR Guild's four objectives are to:

  • Advocate and promote the HR Profession
  • Help others into the profession and through the profession
  • Provide learning and personal growth through a common community and shared occupational beliefs
  • Promote ethical business practices to support the individual, the organisation, the relevant business sector and the City of London, and in doing so to support The Lord Mayor

Above all, the HR Guild sets out to offer fellowship in a convivial environment and within a modern context whilst respecting long held traditions of Livery Companies. To find out more about the objectives and progress of the Guild please click here.

Installation Speech of New Master, Danielle Harmer

Danielle, Harmer, MasterBeing part of the HR Guild is a chance for me and for us all to give back to the wonderful profession which I love… and I am also a big Harry Potter fan… so the capes are a bonus. And while there is no Sorting Cap we do have a Loving Cup ceremony coming your way.

First let me make a few introductions. If I could ask the Court members to stand so that you all know who we are and can ask us any questions you may have. Our clerk – John Renz – is effectively our Chief Executive and does all of the work. Our past Masters are Robert Potter, Jacqueline Davis and Mark McLane who handed his robes over to me this evening.

Guilds and Liveries have this whole succession planning thing nailed. Paul is our senior warden and is likely to be elected as Master in a year and Annette is our middle warden and will become senior warden as Paul moves to master and so on. And not a nine box grid in sight! You will have noticed that as fourth master I am also the second female Master so we are running at 50% on gender diversity both with past and future Masters.

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