The Guild of Human Resource Professionals is a newly formed Guild with the purpose of bringing together individuals from the profession to support and promote activities within Human Capital Management and to contribute to the City and the wider community.

The HR Guild's four objectives are to:

  • Advocate and promote the HR Profession
  • Help others into the profession and through the profession
  • Provide learning and personal growth through a common community and shared occupational beliefs
  • Promote ethical business practices to support the individual, the organisation, the relevant business sector and the City of London, and in doing so to support The Lord Mayor

Above all, the HR Guild sets out to offer fellowship in a convivial environment and within a modern context whilst respecting long held traditions of Livery Companies. To find out more about the objectives and progress of the Guild please click here.

Installation Speech of New Master, Mark McLane

Mark McLane, MasterGood evening Sheriff, our sponsoring Alderman, Peter Estlin, Freeman, members of the Guild, guests and friends, with a special welcome to Vicky Russell – Deputy Chairman of the City Livery Committee and our livery liaison person.

I would like to begin the evening with a thank you to the Master of the Ironmongers’ Company and their team for hosting us in this grand hall along with the catering staff for making this evening so special.

I would like to thank our sponsors Barclays and the Aziz corporation and the admin team from Executive action for supporting this evening and our distinguished guests at my table many of whom are current and past Masters.

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