In line with the guilds and livery traditions, the Company has a number of levels of membership: Freeman (full membership), Member level and Apprenticeship (aimed at younger professionals or those who are only considering a career within HR). Apprentices are recruited differently and without an open application process. Those requiring information on becoming an apprentice should email

Applications for Freeman or Member level are welcomed from those who:

  • Are undertaking an HR role or a functional aspect of HR such as reward, development, resourcing or diversity.
  • Provide specialist HR services to the community.
  • Freeman candidates would be expected to have a strong current or previous shaping or influencing role for the HR community.
  • By special invitation, due to the unique contribution that an individual can make to the shaping or promotion of the HR profession.

The two levels represent the experience and time potential members have worked in and around the HR Profession. Those in the earlier stages of their career will be welcome to join as a Member, whilst those with more substantial experience would be invited to join as a Freeman of the Company. It is anticipated that Members would be able to move to become Freemen after 3 years as a Member and showing a continued commitment to the Company.

The standard level of annual membership fee is £350 per annum for Freemen (full members) and £200 for Member level.

The membership renewal date is 1st of January and payment of the membership fee is by direct debit.