Why get involved with pro bono work?

Giving Back is a core value for the Company and its Members and pro bono volunteering is one of the ways in which this can be achieved.

Pro bono involves giving time on a voluntary basis for a charity or similar organisation who would benefit from, and need the support of, a human resources professional.

Pro bono projects differ greatly in what they offer to both the volunteer and those who benefit from it. There’s something available for everyone wishing to get involved.

Pro bono lies at the heart of our Company's commitment to «Giving Back» and all Members are encouraged to become involved.

How pro bono benefits you?

The personal benefits of pro bono work are immense, especially the feeling that you have really been able to make a difference for the client organisation or individual.

Involvement can draw on your teamwork skills, your coaching, mentoring or leadership skills and your consultancy skills.

Most of our work focuses on helping organisations to help themselves — strategic contributions and support. This can range from individual interventions (coaching and mentoring) to working with Board/management or project teams to deliver a successful outcome.

Interacting with people from different sectors of society with different lived experiences can also remind us that there are other worlds beyond our day-to-day experiences.

In summary, pro bono involvement is a great way to use your expertise while providing a useful service to organisations that really need it.

Pro bono work

The Pro Bono Committee (PBC) is charged with a key responsibility to develop, promote and organise members’ delivery of pro bono services to charities, not-for-profit organisations and other good causes in support of the Company's objective to give back to society through using HR skills for the benefit of others.

The focus for pro bono is on a limited number of key areas identified as:

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Employability support
  • HR Health Checks
  • HR workshops
  • Other assignments related to the above

Pro bono support should not be advisory/operational in nature.

We are careful not to get involved in areas such as employment law, employee taxation etc. and do not offer any day-to-day operational support.

As part of its underlying process the PBC acts to protect the interests of both the volunteer and the client. To this end we:

  • Help to scope the work and time commitment, recognising that many Members need to manage this within an already busy life.
  • By defining requirements and expectations ensure that all pro bono support is delivered to a professional standard and meets the needs of clients. We do this by working through Members who are suitably qualified and willing to provide any agreed pro bono support.
  • Ensure that the pro bono work undertaken does not expose the Company or the volunteers to any adverse financial or reputational risk by putting in place a clear Agreement letter.

Getting Involved with pro bono

Pro bono is one of numerous ways of getting involved as a member of the HR Company. If you are interested in learning more, the Company has a dedicated Pro Bono Committee that oversees all aspect of our volunteering work. Contact any member of the PBC or the Secretary at Pro-bono@HRProfessionals.org.uk.