Our Vision is...

...to be a thriving HR community which:

  • Learns and develops
  • Demonstrates thought leadership
  • Stimulates fellowship
  • Promotes the City of London and the HR profession
  • and brings humanity to work, doing good for others

Our Values are...

Our values

Our membership provides an opportunity to:

  • Experience a unique blend of the rich history and traditions of the City and Liveried Companies, with the modern outlook and purpose of the HR profession
  • Build networks with likeminded peers
  • Share a safe space for reflection and ideation with other senior members of (and contributes to) the HR profession
  • Help foster a sense of community and fellowship with a diverse range of colleagues
  • Contribute to the development of our profession

Membership Application Process:

Applying for membership involves three simple steps:

membership application process

Member Induction:

  • An event to meet the Court and other members.
  • This will be an opportunity to find out about the various Committees, Activities, and how you can get involved.

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All membership requires the final confirmation of The Court and is subject to meeting the membership criteria outlined in the Membership Information Publication.

We very much hope to work with you through the HR Company in the near future.

Thank you.

To Contact the HR Company:

Company HR Professionals
PO Box 2647