Why Join Us?

The Guild of Human Resource Professionals was founded in September 2014 to foster and promote the profession of HR, to help others into - and through - the HR profession, and to reach out to the community through charitable and pro bono HR activities. Equally, it wishes to support The Lord Mayor and the City of London, and to collaborate with the other Livery Companies.

In starting its aspirational journey to become a Livery Company, the HR Guild welcomes individuals from all disciplines within the profession ranging from generalist HR practitioners through to specialists in all HR functions. In particular, practicing and promoting diversity and inclusion will be an important element of the Guild's remit and this is a key function within the profession.

A frequently asked question is "what differentiates a guild from a professional institute?" The answer is that a professional institute is for the development of individuals and their careers, whilst a guild is about giving back to the profession through using HR skills for the benefit of others.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is in full support of the Guild and the CEO sits on the Steering Committee alongside a small number of HR heads and other professional institute leaders.