Pro Bono

What is Pro Bono?

A founding purpose of the Guild is to provide pro bono support to Charities and Third sector organisations. We provide pro bono contributions at all levels, from Board coaching to assistance with Employee Handbooks.

As you join the Guild you have an opportunity to join the highly supported pro bono team of the Guild. If you would like to be considered for assignments please email:

We are a new Guild but this does not mean that we do not hold traditional Guild values. Most Guilds support Charities and the third sector through pro bono work.

Why get involved with pro bono work?

Why should you care about pro bono work? What does this term ‘pro bono’ even mean?

Pro bono is shortened from the Latin term “pro bono publico”, meaning “for the public good.” It involves giving up time on a voluntary basis for charity organisations who would benefit and need the support of a human resources professional, and who are not in a position to get the necessary support.

Pro bono projects differ greatly in what they offer to both the volunteer and those who benefit from it. There’s something available for everyone wishing to get involved.

How pro bono benefits you?

The personal benefits of pro bono work are both extensive and varied. Involvement tests and strengthens your teamwork skills, and also develops your coaching, mentoring or leadership skills if you get involved with the organisation and co-ordination of projects or the provision of advice.

Interacting with people from different sectors of society helps you to develop greater personal confidence and other necessary and useful skills, such as HR consulting skills, coaching, mentoring, negotiation and public speaking, all providing opportunities to demonstrate and hone skills. On another level, involvement with pro bono work can prove a welcome change from academic work, while remaining a worthwhile way to use your spare time.

Career benefits...

The wide range of skills you may develop and perfect can really benefit you in your current and future career. Pro bono involvement is a great way to ‘showcase’ your expertise within all the areas of Human Resources that you may wish to pursue, while providing a useful service to organisations that really need it.

The growing importance of pro bono…

Pro bono work is both an important way of providing vital services to people in real need and an excellent way to gain experience.

Robert Potter
Past Master and Founding Member of the Guild of HR Professionals