Membership Proposition

About the Guild of Human Resource Professionals

The Guild of Human Resource Professionals was formaly launched in June 2015 with the aspiration of becoming a modern livery company for those in the profession of people management. Applications are welcomed from all professionals within the field and will cover all HR generalist areas and specialist functions such as reward, talent management and diversity and inclusion to name just a few.

The Guild is supported by both a Clerk and an assistant Clerk who can be contacted by emailing or by telephone on 01353 363863.

This document explains the activities of a Guild, how this is distinct from a professional institute or trade association, how individuals can get involved and a myriad of ways in which individuals can derive fellowship and enjoyment from being part of a wider community with shared goals and aspirations.

The Origins of Guilds and Livery Companies

Guilds and Livery Companies serve two key purposes. The first is to foster and promote the trade of a particular profession – in this case Human Resources – through activities, the recognition of standards and the education of its members. The second is to serve the community through civic and charitable activities. Above all, belonging to a Guild brings a sense of fellowship with the common purpose of supporting the development of our profession.

How does this differ from a Professional Institute or Trade Association?

A question that is frequently asked is “how does a Guild differ from a Professional Institute?” The answer to this is that a professional institute, such as the one serving HR professionals, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), is about the furtherance of individual professional knowledge and skills and developing the wider profession, and the Guild is concerned both with the application and development of those skills to help others, as well as the promotion of the profession and good practices.

In many respects, the two entities go hand in hand. For example, individuals in the trade of human resources may seek to develop their career by completing their CIPD qualifications. A Guild may offer sponsorship or mentoring to help an individual to enter or advance in the profession.

The HR Guild’s Four Pillars of Activities

As a modern guild, there are four themes which form the pillars of our activities, all leveraging the skills and camaraderie of those already in the profession of people management. These are:

  1. Advocating and promoting the HR Profession through
    • increasing the understanding, value and the contribution of the profession to business and society
    • demonstrating the benefits to business, economy and society that arise by investing in people management
    • reinforcing standards and common practices throughout the profession such as a code of conduct
  2. Helping others into the profession and through the profession through
    • making the profession inviting and accessible to all from entry level through to entry at leadership level
    • Sharing and developing knowledge, experience and support to fulfil a career in human resources
    • providing pro bono support to organisations in the voluntary or charity sectors
    • building a charitable fund to help others
  3. Learning and growth through a common community and shared occupational beliefs through
    • reaching out to help others in an environment with common goals, purpose and vision
    • developing networks amongst those already engaged in the profession
  4. Promoting the ethical business practices to support the organisation, the business sector, the City of London and to reinforce the messages set out by The Lord Mayor through
    • creating an understanding of how the City works, its importance from a national and global perspective and the implications across all business sectors
    • providing HR advisory services to The Lord Mayor, other livery companies and guilds, to underpin the aims of the City both at home and abroad

Getting Involved

There are numerous ways of getting involved as a member of the HR Guild and it is important to recognise that the Guild is not just for those associated with the City of London but the profession of Human resources. These include:

  • sharing knowledge and contributing to the development of expertise through promoting the profession to those at entry and mid-career hire level or by mentoring those seeking development or inspiration up to and including senior leadership roles
  • collaboration in the wider HR community through networking, the work of Guild Committees and shared common professional interests
  • engaging in charitable activities through pro bono advisory services to third sector organisations
  • building the charitable fund through social activities ranging from livery hall dinners through to bespoke fundraising activities such as an HR Book Festival or other member nominated activities.

The camaraderie element is very important for many and the ability to contribute to the development of the profession is as equally important to others. A Guild by its very nature is a broad organisation.

There will also be a limited number of official positions and interested members should contact the Clerk in this respect on

Membership Criteria

The HR Guild is likely to appeal to HR professionals who wish to participate in any or all of the below:

  • Help to develop the knowledge and expertise of the profession, themselves and others
  • Use their professional skills and knowledge to help others
  • Promote interests of the City of London and its businesses and employees.

Professional means having the relevant educational and/or experiential qualifications to appreciate the challenges, opportunities and benefits that the profession of HRM can provide.

Applicants for membership will therefore be those who:

  • Are undertaking an HR role or a functional aspect of an HR role such as reward; development; or resourcing
  • Provide specialist HR services based on a high level of expertise to the HR community
  • Have a strong current or previous shaping or influencing role for the HR community
  • By exception, those who through dint of their status or position are in a role to provide advantage or benefit to the HR profession
  • Are embarking on their career in HR and would benefit by becoming an Associate Member for their own personal development.

Above all, the Guild sets out to fulfil the high standards of a modern Guild or Livery Company in a relaxed and pleasant social environment that is not old fashioned, influenced by any one group and brings fun, enlightenment and enjoyment to everyone concerned in the human resources profession.

If you wish to apply for membership or be considered for a role on the Court of the Guild, a Trustee or a Chair/member of one of the Guild Committees then please contact the Guild Clerk by email