Charitable Trust

It’s all about giving

The purpose of the Guild is to bring humanity to work. Fellowship is also a key aspect of the Guild and we believe that fellowship is made even richer where we use it to help others and bring humanity to work through our various activities.

The Guild’s charitable trust fund will be used to support organisations that bring humanity to work and which we choose to partner with, such as Dress for Success. As a City Guild we also support charities and causes affiliated with the City of London.

As well as developing a business plan for our charity and building up the fund, with support from the Guild, the trust has been focused on achieving charitable status. This is important as it gives the trust special tax treatment so that we maximise the benefit of funds raised. Formal charitable status will also allow our members to make donations to the fund through give as you earn schemes. We are delighted to report that we are now at the final stages of what is a very long (and rather difficult) journey. Once our status has been confirmed we will be letting members know how they may make regular tax efficient donations to our fund.

We have, in relatively short time, made significant progress but have much still to do to build the fund quantum to move to full Livery status. As a membership organisation, this is our Guild and our charitable trust – we have the ability to support really good causes and make a real difference to the lives of others both at work and elsewhere.

The work of the trust is ultimately driven by the generosity of our members and supporters and your involvement in helping us grow the fund for the causes we partner with is vital. Please contact Danny through the website or at if you would like to help our work in anyway at all.